oihae aha (partyofthree) wrote in pnwmilwives,
oihae aha

I need quite a bit of help right now:

We are Navy so keep that in mind when answering any of these:

1. Tell me about the childcare on base... do I have to pay for it? What are your experiences? Can I just do it one day a week, or can I do it like an hour or two a day? So yeah, fill me in.

2. Navy relief... I've heard they give grants instead of loans sometimes. Anyone experienced this? What makes you a grant recipient instead of a loan recipient? We are getting fucked over HARD CORE by out insurance assholes and I need some help. I'm talking a $700 premium screw, so nothing we can just throw on the credit card. I need some help. This isn't poor planning, this is poor choice of an insurance agent.
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