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Pacific Northwest Military Wives' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Pacific Northwest Military Wives

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Mar 1 2006

I need quite a bit of help right now:

We are Navy so keep that in mind when answering any of these:

1. Tell me about the childcare on base... do I have to pay for it? What are your experiences? Can I just do it one day a week, or can I do it like an hour or two a day? So yeah, fill me in.

2. Navy relief... I've heard they give grants instead of loans sometimes. Anyone experienced this? What makes you a grant recipient instead of a loan recipient? We are getting fucked over HARD CORE by out insurance assholes and I need some help. I'm talking a $700 premium screw, so nothing we can just throw on the credit card. I need some help. This isn't poor planning, this is poor choice of an insurance agent.

Feb 16 2006

I just switched to Triwest---um I was not aware that I had a "deductible." Is this correct?? Anyone else have this over here?

I went to the ER for a cyst, the ER doc refered me to a OBGYN. I asked him at the time if I needed to call Tricare and get a referal or something stupid and he said no & they accept tricare prime, which I have. So what's the problem? I've never had to pay a dime before. Help.

Feb 10 2006

I know this is a really weird and silly question....but I cut my husbands hair for the first time instead of him getting it on base, and I have no idea how to "fade". He wanted me to blend it in from the bottom shorter part to the top. Does anyone do hair or cut their husbands hair and know how to do this?

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Weird Question.. [
Feb 7 2006

[ mood | frustrated ]

I came here from Louisiana and when I lived there we had base housing. It was on the military base and the rent was whatever your Bah was and there wasn't an application process you just showed them your orders and they gave you a house. Now, however, my husband is stationed at NS Everett in Washington.

Can someone tell me where the base housing is and what it's like? When I goggle it I get three or four different places none of which are on the base. I found a place in Arlington that says its navy housing but it has rent prices. Is there a place like what I described above here? Thank you!


Yikes. [
Dec 13 2005

I shudder to think that this little life could have been spared if she had just gotten help.


hellos [
Nov 20 2005

1) Names: Craig and Pam
2) Ages: both 25
3) Location: Silverdale - stationed at Naval Base Kitsap
4) Status: Married
5) How long: 10 years and married for 2
6) Branch of military: Navy - Sub service

We have 2 four legged and furry kids named Thor and Kayla who are 2 - and if you count him that would make a total of 3 kids in our family. We met and started dating in high school down in Texas. Before moving up here I worked on an ambulance as a Paramedic - unfortunaly I can't find work up here a medic and I'm currently working in Home care. I'm working on my RN and hoping to get back into emergency medicine as I'm not happy working anything else. I'm currently looking into other job options while i do school. We've been here since 2003 (well he was here in June 04) and as of right now we are stationed here till 2009 unless something changes.

Nov 15 2005

1) Your names: Serena and Adam
> 2) Your ages: 21 (almost 22!) and 20 (I'm the older
> one)
> 3) Location (or locations, if you're not in the same
> place): We're both in Pullman, WA studying at WSU,
> but I'm from Vancouver and Battle Ground and he's
> from Federal Way and Tacoma (sounds confusing...both
> of our parents recently moved)
> 4) Relationship status: Serious relationship
> 5) How long you've been together: 2 years, 2.5
> months =)
> 6) Branch of military: Army (although it's currently

Hi everyone! I think the survey answers most things...I'll post some pictures. =)

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New [
Nov 14 2005

1) Your names: Megan and Jared
2) Your ages: We both turn 19 at the end of the week.
3) Location (or locations, if you're not in the same place): We're both at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor
4) Relationship status: Married
5) How long you've been together: Almost three years, give or take a few months.
6) Branch of military: Marines

Co-Mod Intro Post [
Nov 14 2005

[ mood | cheerful ]

1) Your names: Torey & Kyle
2) Your ages: Both 19
3) Location: Dahlgren, VA and we're moving to our permanent station in Everett, WA this December
4) Relationship status: Married
5) How long you've been together: since April 14, 2003, Married February 12th, 2005
6) Branch of military: Navy, Kyle's on the USS Momsen

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Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself [
Nov 14 2005

[ mood | blah ]

Hey there all, My name is Jessica.... I'm not too creative right now, so I'll use the template:
1) Your names: Jessica and Steve
2) Your ages: 23 and 26
3) Location: Silverdale WA...Naval Base Kitsap Bangor
4) Relationship status: Married for 3 years on Nov. 16th
5) How long you've been together: Since May of 2002

Steve is attached to the USS Michigan SSGN 727 as a MM2. We're going to be going to IMF as shore duty here in March, which will be awesome. We have a daughter named Abby who is 21mos. I rock...thats about it, lol :)


Co-Mod Intro Post [
Nov 14 2005

1) Your names: Melissa and Andrew
2) Your ages: 19 and 21
3) Location (or locations, if you're not in the same place): I'm in Orlando, FL for now, but will be in Everett, WA in December
4) Relationship status: Married
5) How long you've been together: together since 4.13.02, married since 10.15.05
6) Branch of military: Navy

Andrew's on the Lincoln, along with his best friend who is one of my buddies. That's all I can think of right now. :o)

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