Pam (sweet725) wrote in pnwmilwives,


1) Names: Craig and Pam
2) Ages: both 25
3) Location: Silverdale - stationed at Naval Base Kitsap
4) Status: Married
5) How long: 10 years and married for 2
6) Branch of military: Navy - Sub service

We have 2 four legged and furry kids named Thor and Kayla who are 2 - and if you count him that would make a total of 3 kids in our family. We met and started dating in high school down in Texas. Before moving up here I worked on an ambulance as a Paramedic - unfortunaly I can't find work up here a medic and I'm currently working in Home care. I'm working on my RN and hoping to get back into emergency medicine as I'm not happy working anything else. I'm currently looking into other job options while i do school. We've been here since 2003 (well he was here in June 04) and as of right now we are stationed here till 2009 unless something changes.
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