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Weird Question..

I came here from Louisiana and when I lived there we had base housing. It was on the military base and the rent was whatever your Bah was and there wasn't an application process you just showed them your orders and they gave you a house. Now, however, my husband is stationed at NS Everett in Washington.

Can someone tell me where the base housing is and what it's like? When I goggle it I get three or four different places none of which are on the base. I found a place in Arlington that says its navy housing but it has rent prices. Is there a place like what I described above here? Thank you!
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the only thing I know about everett "base" housing is it's not secured, so everyone knows your hubby is gone & has complete access to you & I've heard its small. We live off base. Plus it's like 15 miles away in Marysville.
Yeah, I talked to the apartments this afternoon. They're actually even further north in Arlington and it's not secured but mainly DOD residents. But we're so sick of our apartment here that it might be worth it (to us) to move up there.
what size apt. are you looking for. I'd suggest calling Covington Farms. Thats where I live and it's right by everything and base is like 3 exits down on the interstate, takes like 10 minutes. I pay 750 for a three bedroom.
Oh wow, that's a great deal! The one we were looking at was 1600 sq feet, 4 bedrooms 3 baths for 1100. Our BAH is 1344, so it's right in the price range. Just sucks to be so far away from everything, yanno?
yeah our apt. is 1245 sq ft. So if you are serious about looking for a closer place, let me know and I can see what thay have open. After the 10th is the best time to check.