Melissa (lyssa8193) wrote in pnwmilwives,

Co-Mod Intro Post

1) Your names: Melissa and Andrew
2) Your ages: 19 and 21
3) Location (or locations, if you're not in the same place): I'm in Orlando, FL for now, but will be in Everett, WA in December
4) Relationship status: Married
5) How long you've been together: together since 4.13.02, married since 10.15.05
6) Branch of military: Navy

Andrew's on the Lincoln, along with his best friend who is one of my buddies. That's all I can think of right now. :o)

Me. I was cold and there was lots of wind. :o)

The husband with his sister's dog.

Us in October 2003 at the Navy Ball.

Us being dorks at our wedding.

This would be David and Andrew. Also, please note the car. I love the car. :o)
Tags: intro, mod post
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