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This is a community for military spouses, soon-to-be spouses, or significant others associated with the pacific northwest.

Membership is moderated, but posts aren't. To become a member, go ahead and fill out this survey and email it to pnwmilwives @ yahoo.com with your username as the subject. Once you've sent the email off, click here.
1) Your names:
2) Your ages:
3) Location (or locations, if you're not in the same place):
4) Relationship status:
5) How long you've been together:
6) Branch of military:

You could also add anything interesting you want (hometowns, kids, pets, random fact of the day, anything).

It might take us a little bit, but we'll send you an email once you're approved.

Once you're approved, go ahead and make an intro post. Everyone else wants to know about you too. Pictures get you bonus points. So does adding a tag to your entries.

If you're associated with the military and you have an lj, I'm sure you've heard this before, but please keep OPSEC in mind. If you don't know what OPSEC is, go to www.ioss.gov, read up and then come back. You could also read this crash course in OPSEC by emmycantbemeeko. Still not sure if it's okay to post? Just don't do it.

Posts do not have to be strictly military related. We're all in the same situation and in the same area. Let us know what's going on in town, news, random stuff. We're not going to hunt you down and beat you with a stick if things aren't completely military related, but we really don't need to know what your dog did this morning or how bored you are at work.

Drama is bound to occur. So are disagreements. Please stay civil and respect everyone's opinions and beliefs. Let's stay off of ljdrama.

If you have a problem, complaint, suggestion or anything about the community, please don't make a whole post here about it. Just email us - we won't bite. The community email is up above. Commenting in our journal about this community does not sit well with us.

-Melissa (_meliska) and Torey (partyofthree)